Our Story

About The Surveillance Factory

Founded with a vision to make advanced surveillance accessible to all South Africans, we have consistently pushed the boundaries of what’s possible in intelligent video surveillance. Our journey from humble beginnings to a trusted industry name is a testament to our commitment to innovation, dedication, and excellence.

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Our Mission

To become the industry leader in our market segment with the best level of installation quality and service. Achieving sufficient financial success to reward our team fairly.

Our Vision

We will install our equipment to the highest level of quality and the most efficient service with a positive attitude, making security equipment more affordable for business owners.

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Solving Core Security Issues

We understand the challenges our clients face and provide solutions for:

Shrinkage in Production

Minimising losses by monitoring production lines.

Stock Loss

Deter theft and track inventory with our surveillance systems.

Security Breaches

Prevent unauthorised access with our advanced systems.

Quality Control

Maintain the highest standards in business operations.